Saras Booster

Saras Booster

Saras Booster is a one of the best Plant Growth Promoter Granules. It helps to grow up crop speedily
and also useful for maintaining plant Greenery. It is useful for all type of crops like as potatoes, onions,
bananas, sugarcane, cotton, sweet corn, wheat, castor, groundnut, sorghum, rice, millet, etc, also all
type fruits, vegetables, flowers, grains, pulse, spices.


40 to 50 kg per acre land


  • Plants become strong, healthy and fatly increment.
  • Due to calcium it is useful to increase plants fruits and flowers.
  • Magnesium also useful to increase clorofin in plants and life of crops.
  • Sulfur increase nitrobenzene’s metabolism and plants become greener.
  • It is also protect from all types of fungus.
  • It is increase nitrogen’s metabolism.
  • It is control soil’s PH
  • It is increase growth of plants cell and protect from disease.
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