Saras Green +

Saras Green +

Main Content ->organic. N.P.K. + Helping Content(Zink –Copper Magnesium – Sulfur – Boron)
Mainly it is made high qualitative by Bentonite, Bonmil Powder, sea weeds, Dolomite, Seaweed extract,
cow’s urine, and wormy wash etc.

Seaweed 7%
Cow urine arc 5%
Amino acid 2%
Bonmil 35%
Seaweed extract 3%
Humic 8%
Wormy wash 3%
Rock Phosphate 15%
Bentonite, dolomite 22%


80 – 85 Kg Per Acer

  • Use of this fertilizer production will increase and soil will become fruitful.
  • There is natural calcium in Uberty granules fertilizer so soil’s hardness will reduce.
  • Very essential in vegetation’s growth
  • Soil’s moisture will increase very highly
  • It is also helpful in Soil’s production strength will increase and pollution will decrease.
  • The crops, fruits, flowers, grains which are made from this fertilizer will healthy, testy and high
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