Saras Seaweed Extract

Saras Seaweed Extract


Satisfy the needs of plant requiring nutrient to boost growth mainly at time of stress.
Sprayed at times, it can be used as a remarkable rescue remedy.
Increases flowering, fruiting and quality of all produce.
Increases sugar level (Brix levels). Research has indicated a link between high sugar % (brix) and pest resistance (disease and insect).
SARAS SEAWEED EXTRACT 22% can satisfy “hidden hungers” in plant requiring nutrient boosts at time of stress.
Sprayed at right time, it can be used a remarkable rescue remedy.
It can also increase flowering and fruit production and quality.
SARAS SEAWEED EXTRACT 22% can contribute to exceptional brix level increase.


For Foliar Spray:-30-40 ml. in 15 liter water
For Drip:-1 Liter Per Acer

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