Saras Soil Conditioner

Saras Soil Conditioner

Main Content : organic. N.P.K. + Helping Content(Zink – Copper – Magnesium – Sulfur – Boron)
Mainly it is made high qualitative by Bentonite, Bonmil Powder, sea weeds, Dolomite, Seaweed extract, cow’s urine, and wormy wash etc. It increases the capacity to hold fertile in land. Land becomes damaged by continuous use of chemical fertilizers again and again given to your Farm.

Seaweed 7%
Cow urine arc 5%
Amino acid 2%
Bonmil 35%
Seaweed extract 3%
Humic 8%
Wormy wash 3%
Rock Phosphate 8%
Bentonite, dolomite 37%

50 to 60 kg Per Acer


  • Use of this fertilizer production will increase and soil will become fruitful.
  • There is natural calcium in Saras Soil Conditioner, so soil’s hardness will reduce.
  • Very essential in vegetation’s growth
  • Soil’s moisture will increase very highly
  • It is also helpful in Soil’s production strength will increase and pollution will decrease.
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